Friday, May 8, 2015

My Happy Birthday look - 2 ways

Happy Birthday 65!

Oh and about this dress
I imagine it might look a tad familiar.
It's another Yea dress from Molly b
This sleeveless version is a little more dressy (when you want it to be)
The material feels a little more like a light taffeta
I LOVE it!

Paired with a sleeveless white linen jacket from Bryn Walker

I'm off today but there is always something to do. 
As a matter of fact I need to finish this post.

 My 2 girls (Lily & Lola) love the scent of my birthday flowers

It's been a very relaxing day.
Lots of well wishing, cake and even a few gifts!
now it's time to hit the "publish" button and upload today's post.

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  1. Great birthday fashion post. Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy Happy Birthday!!! You look fabulous - lovely glowing complexion, gorgeous smile and great outfit of black and white and POPS of red! I am a new subscriber and I really enjoy your wonderful positive energy and beautiful genuine voice! Thank you for sharing your joy via your blog. Hope your special birthday was spectacular!

  3. Hi Ginger

    Thank you for the kind words ad thank you for reading my blog. I hope you will continue to stop by often and feel free to comment whenever you wish. I LOVE comments!

    thanks again!!!

  4. Okay, I used to think I looked young...but you have me beat by a long shot! You could EASILY pass for 20 years younger!!!
    Hope your birthday was wonderful!

  5. TWENTY YEARS! Wow Wee, That is the best compliment I've ever had! lol Thank you

    and BTW - you do look very young yourself!