Monday, June 15, 2015

Knobbles that wobble - Got Knees?

I swear I never heard of this before

What the heck are knobbles?

Knobbles occur as a result of loose skin around the joint and is caused from a loss of elastic fibres, 
collagen and muscle.

Celebrities aren’t always gorgeous from top to toe.
"Demi Moore (below) circa the Ashton Kutcher days with the face of a twenty year old and the knees of a seventy year old." (quoting here)

I only found out about this knee issue on Saturday while I was shopping at one of my favorite boutiques.

I was trying on a dress which was a tad short (for my taste). However, as short skirts are in, I have been inclined to, (on occasion), allow my hemline to rise...just a little (you know, all in the name of fashion).

So, I try on the dress and come out to check myself out in the big mirror (btw -I hate it when there isn't a mirror in the dressing room. I prefer to preview what I am wearing alone first before sharing it with the sales person and all the customers in the store) however in smaller shops they often have only the community mirror. And so it was.

When I came out, and saw myself in the dress, I was a little concerned about the length, but the sales person and some of the other shoppers complimented me on my legs.

My? legs!

I have never thought of myself as having nice legs. As a matter of fact, when I was younger, I absolutely hated my legs. "Too skinny" I used to complain. Since about 50, my legs have filled out a little.

As we were discussing the dress and its length, she told me how lucky I was to "still have knees". That struck me as odd.

So I asked "what do you mean"  "don't you have knees? "

"No" she said. "My knees are gone" She explained that she only has saggy skin where her knees used to be.

"OMG" I thought. That must be terrible.

So I came home and googled....

Sagging and wrinkled knees....
a rarely discussed, but frequently seen, part of the body that is prone to wrinkles as we age
Sagging knees are a dead giveaway to age and, unfortunately, there really aren’t many procedures available to reverse the effect.
But wait!

there's hope!

My recommendation
prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots
Coconut oil
which contains a high level of antioxidants and medium chain fatty acids (MCFA’s).
These fatty acids help to prevent the development of wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots.
Also, by using coconut oil for skin you increase its turnover of collagen (skin’s primary structural protein). Therefore, with an increased rate of collagen turnover, skin repair happens quicker and more often.
Now, I think I'll go back and buy that dress!

before the knobbles set in!
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  1. okay! i'm gonna start giving some love to my knees. thanks for the heads up!