Saturday, August 15, 2015

Downsizing the closet one hanger at a time

I'm pretty happy with myself.

Last Saturday I took a HUGE garbage bag full of clothing to Goodwill (instead of throwing it down the garbage chute which is my usual practice - easier) The one bag became 2 bags when it was split because it could not be lifted
and  then I was asked (nicley) to make the 2 bags into 3 bags (which I refused -- too much to bear knowing it was actulaly 3 garbage bags full) 

"Just drag it and I want my bags back"

I had put those clothes in that bag about 3 months ago and I could no longer rememeber what was in the bag. 

So time to let it go.

Baby steps

I have another bag half full read to go when the time is right.

Are you a weekend minimalist? 
Minimize when the mood strikes. 
When you’re just starting out trying to simplify your life, it might not always feel easy or practical to pare down your schedule, to empty your closet or to streamline your budget. Don’t stress. There’s no need to cut out things when you don’t feel like it. 
The point here is not to make life miserable for yourself (exactly the opposite, in fact). Instead, minimize when the mood strikes. 
Capitalize on that moment when you go to find something in your hall closet and find it buried under a pile of stuff you no longer want or like. Take that opportunity to pack up a box and get it out of your house. Just grab the moment while it’s there.
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