Sunday, October 25, 2015

Get educated on how to Get healthy - Juicing party

With over 10,0000 Facebook shares - The Truth About Cancer docu-series is the BEST information I have received about the link between health, treatment, prevention and disease (and how you can heal yourself with the right knowledge, professional and family support).  All stuff your doctor will NEVER tell you!

I watched the 9 episodes for 9 evenings straight including Saturday and Sunday (many episodes lasting 2 hrs) and starting at 6pm PST. Right after getting home from work.

But it was worth it!!! I even purchased the series for future reference, since so much is covered. 

The entire series will replay this weekend, so I hope you will watch.

I think it is so important that I am sharing episode 1 by hosting a viewing and juicing party on Sunday! There are many ways to get healthy so you can choose what works for you. If you are interested let me know. 

You can also host your own viewing party and invite friends, relatives etc.

Get Educated, Get Healthy and Get the Word out!
Go here to watch the entire 9 episodes for FREE

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