Thursday, October 29, 2015

Poised for a shift

So let me catch you up on what I've been doing (or thinking) lately.

I've made a decision which came into focus after a harmless visit to the doctor.

I've never been fond of going to the doctor, or shall I say, I am not fond of western medicine.  I just have a general distrust which has gotten worse over the years. So unless I have some acute pain that I cannot bear, I will put off going to the doctor.

A couple of months ago I suffered a sudden attack of the "skin tags" and "white spots" (reverse freckles). I swear a bunch of them appeared overnight and every day or so more would appear. Since I was fearful that my body and especially my face would be over taken with these dreadful spots I decided to make an appointment to see the doctor (a new doctor for me as I don't have a regular primary care physician).

When I met with the doctor he told me that the tags were a common occurrence and really nothing to worry about, however I was also having some body aches and muscle weakness. So he suggested we run some "tests". He said we should check my thyroid, liver and find out how my overall immune system was functioning.  I would have declined because what I dislike even more than getting the tests done, is waiting for the results. But, I also mentioned a blood disorder that I had been told I might have by a previous doctor and he said he could test for that. I was also curious to know exactly what was ailing me. So, I agreed to go.

To make a long story short, it took me about a month to get my results. The doctor never tested the 2 things I was most interested in (my vitamin D levels and the genetic blood disorder). During our consultation about my results, I decided to ask him several questions related to nutrition, new findings in cancer research and vaccines, which I thought he should be able to answer. He had no clue.

Instead, after finding nothing significant in the 1st round of testing, he sent me off to take some additional tests. The other day the bill arrived from Blue Cross for the 1st round. The total for the tests was $1,236 of which my insurance picked up $136.  (Btw - I have not done the 2nd round of tests). Next it will be off to the specialist $$$.  I am stepping off the "medical matrix" while I still can!

I already had the intention of taking control of my body and my health in a more holistic manner. My decision to move to Costa Rica was the 1st step. I have been doing much research and after watching the 9 part docu-series "The Truth about Cancer" I am even more convinced that most of our food is (crap) full of unhealthy ingredients, processed and GMO and the corporate medical field (aka, pharmaceuticals) has been steering our country away from traditional herbal remedies for decades because there’s no money in it, for them. 

I believe that most disease is linked to nutrition, environment and how we deal with stress. Western medical doctors have no real training in nutrition and basically treat the symptoms and don't bother to treat the cause. They also never recommend alternative treatments. It's a sad thing. (but it's not their fault - it's just not what they're taught in school).

It was then that I made the decision to fully ditch the pharmaceutical route and go organic! 

I will pursue alternative methods for wellness and healing the body/mind/spirit. There are many practices and modalities to explore, including the use of essential oils which can support the body in a non invasive way. I will share my progress in future posts. 

On Sunday I held a viewing event featuring
 Ep 1 of "The Truth about Cancer
combined with a juicing party

Below are some of the pics from the event

Turmeric can be very helpful to include in our diets

pay attention to the water you drink

***unfortunately coconut milk contains carrageenana carcinogenic ingredient and a substance derived from red algae. Carrageenan can be found in most milk substitute products, infant formula, deli meats, cottage cheese and some flavored coconut waters regardless if the product is certified organic by the USDA. 

Verdette samples our 1st batch of juice

Carrot, apple ginger is a favorite of mine

a good (easy) substitute for messy beets for juice

Organic Turmeric

 Organic ginger

below- I use these daily

Always look for the USDA seal certifying that the product is Organic
 but even as important
READ the label!!!
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