Monday, November 30, 2015

My 15 X 4 Facial Oil & Anti Aging Serum

My 15 by 4 facial oil/Anti Aging

For about a year I have been using straight coconut oil as a single oil on my face. I have been using it as night cream and a daily moisturizer. Before this I was using a commercial moisturizer. I really wanted to use something that was free of chemicals and coconut oil is very helpful in a multitude of ways. I didn't have issues with it per se, but I did feel that it might be just a bit too oily for everyday use on the face if you are using it as your single source.

So, I have been on the look out for a lighter replacement and the perfect oil for my face. 

Last month I made a face serum with a recipe that used Rose Hip Oil. In addition to being a pretty expensive oil,  I did not care much for the scent. I do realize that the oils are therapeutic, however there are generally alternative oils than can be substituted if you do not have a suggested oil or, as in my case, you do not like the scent.

So I have continued my search
This newest herbal face oil is amazing for skin. It does use 5 different essential oils (and not the least expensive oils) but it smells incredible and should work just as well.
If you follow the recipe you will only need a couple of smalls drop each day and it should last about 6-8 months and it is the only face moisturizer you'll need.

Herbal Face Oil Ingredients

The special blend of oils in this recipe is especially good for skin, including:
  • Argan Oil ( I did not have Argan so I substituted jojoba)
  • Rose (I used Rose Absolute)
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil
  • Myrrh Essential oil
Another great thing about this recipe is that it takes seconds to make because you are just mixing oils with other oils and no water or emulsification is needed.

Keep  it handy by your sink and use a drop after oil cleansing each night or after washing your face in the morning. It smells incredible and I love smelling the oils as I drift off to sleep or as I work in the morning.

Face Oil Ingredients:

  • 2 ounces argan oil
  • 15 drops each of Rose, Lavender, Frankincense Myrrh essential oils

How to Make Herbal Face Oil:

  1. Mix all ingredients in a small glass dropper bottle or pump bottle that can release only a drop or two at a time.
  2. Use 2-3 drops per day as needed on face.
Note: If you have drier skin, another oil like jojoba, olive or sea buckthorn can be used.

Recipe Source 
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