Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Step into my kitchen

Can you guess what I'm cooking up?

hint...I don't cook!

No, it's not a Thanksgiving turkey. As a matter of fact it has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

When last I wrote, I told you that I was making some big changes in my life. The biggest being a complete change in diet and my approach to wellness. In conjunction with participating in the healing of my own body, I have also started using essential oils. The oils can be used therapeutically to support physical and emotional well being and are also useful in so many other ways. My plan is to rid myself and my home of the toxic products I have been using and replace them with clean, natural organic, products. 

Another thing I have always loved is creating scents and fragrances. I did this by mixing different fragrances together. Of course I have known for some time that commercial fragrances contains harmful, toxic ingredients but thinking I had no choice, I used them anyway. 

So now I've decided to make my own perfume using essential oils. 
Over the weekend I also made anti aging night serums for my face and neck. Clean and for a fraction of the cost to buy them @ Nordstrom or Macy's!

 With the night cream under my belt, how hard could it be to create a fragrance? 
I scoured the internet watching video after video 
and learned a lot about how to make my own fragrance. 
And, really it's not that difficult

I gathered up all of my oils and set out to whip up a new scent. 


I didn't follow the directions closely enough as I discovered 
I needed to use alcohol for the recipes I had chosen.
I had not seen that part. Nor had I paid attention to the fact that I also needed distilled water.
So back to the store I went. 

 You can use perfumer's alcohol 
wait for it....
At least 80 proof. The alcohol helps the scent to evaporate 
I bought a  bottle @ Trader Joe's for $5.99 (don't think I will try drinking it) 

Once I had all of my ingredients. I set them out on my counter top and 
separated them by base, middle and top notes

Snapping a few pics of myself along the way

All kidding aside, it's really not that hard. All you really need to make your own perfume is a good quality oil to use as your base, some quality essential oils (there are many companies out there to choose from) and a non reactive container to put it in. I think glass is better. 

Now I have so many choices that I haven't decided which one I want to make first.

I'll be sure to share the results with you. It also takes about 30 days after you make the fragrance before you can wear it.

I'm shooting for a Xmas reveal! Be sure to stop back by.

Also if you have questions about essential oils and/or want to make your own creams. perfumes. etc. Email me or Leave me message in comments.
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