Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New year, New glasses

I am in need of some new glasses.

I had to sit out last year because for some odd reason I mistakenly opted out of our vision care plan at work. It was torture because I have had my present glasses since 2011 and I usually get new glasses every 2 to 3 years.

As it stands now, you cannot get new glasses if your prescription is over 3 yrs old. You must 1st get a new eye exam. Frankly, I think that is unfair. A person should have the right to decide whether they want to refill their present prescription or not. Seems silly to me because you can wear your same pair of glasses with an outdated prescription for as long as you choose (at least for now).  I think this is just another way to limit our rights and force us to have to shell out money when we either don't have the money or just plain don't want to spend it on a new eye exam.

However, nothing I can do about it so I am going to have my exam on Jan 15th. I've been scoping out the specs. I already have 2 pairs of glasses on hold. One is by Oliver Peoples and the other is a Dior.

So here are the choices
(Oliver Peoples  in black and gray - not shown - they are a definite for choice #1)

The technician at my optometrist says go for the Dior and not the Fendi for pair #2

However, in the mean time I saw some glasses by Prada that I like a lot too. In the past I have been dissuaded from choosing large oversized glasses due to my prescription. My eye sight is rather poor and as I have been told that the larger the glasses the more I will have some spill over in the lenses showing on the bottom rim. Also they say they will be "heavy" on my nose (my glasses slip down anyway because I don't have much of a bridge).

However this time I am determined to get what I want. I have about 10 pairs of glasses anyway so one way out pair should be no biggie. I plan to buy 2 or 3 pairs this time around  (planning for retirement).

Was told the pair above will not work as there is no room at the bottom for my protruding lens

Better choice would be the oversized frame above

Stand by and we shall see!
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