Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's Underneath

The other day I bought several cute swimsuit cover ups by Raviya. I may use them to cover up swimsuits but I also wanted to be able to just wear them around when I'm in Costa Rica and the weather is hot. 

The problem was, I didn't have a bra to wear underneath.  Let's just face it, my breasts are way too big to go braless! And I am way too old to have my bra straps showing. The last time I tried to find a strapless bra I was much younger (although I have always had ample size breasts). I remember not being able to find a bra in my size in a strapless that would hold up my breasts so I gave up trying, and to this date I figured I could not wear a strapless bra.  

Well, obviously things have changed on the bra scene because I marched into Norstrom the other day and discovered I had several options in strapless bras.

They were very comfortable and actually held the boobies up! 

So I bought 2. They are by Wacoal and also come with straps so you can wear them under other clothes as well.  Go figure!!
What's Underneath

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