Friday, May 9, 2014

I live, therefore I shop

It's my birthday and I'll shop if I want to!

There's really not much I like better, than a day of shopping. Especially when it's a work day and instead of being confined to my office all day, I'm out in the beautiful sunshine shopping. I can never understand women who say they hate to shop! What is that? I think that a lot of those people are the same people who are not keeping up with current trends or dressing like they did some 20 yrs ago. Sorry ladies, but nothing ages you more than being stuck in a fashion time warp! Not saying you have to go out and shop every season or follow every new fad, but even for those of us who have a more 'classic style', it is still important to update your look with an accessory or current color or something that keeps your look current.

I decided to spend the day after my 64th birthday, shopping at one of my favorite stores, Bryn Walker. You have already seen some of their clothes and I decided to shop at my old stomping ground in Walnut Creek and hang out with my friend Sherry, who is the store manager. We haven't seen each other for a while so it was a good time to catch up on girl talk.

The Walnut Creek store used to be located inside the Broadway Plaza Mall, but I discovered today that besides the anchor stores (Neiman, Nordstrom & Macy's) the rest of the little shops have either been torn down or relocated to temporary quarters across the street. Bryn Walker moved about a block away and has decided to remain in that location after the renovation is completed.

I like the new location and it's nice to get out of the mall

they carry very unique handcrafted accessories and jewelry

There are so many new delicious things to choose from (including lots of hats)

The clothes are pretty much separated by color

Tomato red

My favorite shade of green

I picked out a hat and a few other pieces and went to my dressing room
time to begin my 1st round of try on's.
It was going to be a long day!

Stop back tomorrow for part 2
me and the clothes!

Have a wonderful weekend, whatever you decide to do!

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