Friday, May 30, 2014

It's all so Black & White - Wardrobe Remix Combo #2

Yes, I know it's been done a thousand times, on a thousand blogs, but can you ever tire of tips about wearing black and white? Also, my blog colors are black and white, so I'm entitled!

It's also safe to say, if my wardrobe consisted of nothing but black and white pieces alone, I would still be happy.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE color but there's just something about black & white.

So on with the show...

You can mix, match and layer your black and white pieces
(the possibilities are basically endless if you're willing to get creative)
but the outcome is the same: simple and polished
 always a winning combination
Classy and Fabulous!

over-sized sheer blouse by Ann Taylor worn with black fold over skirt from the Gap
one good thing about the fold over skirt is that you can adjust the length by pulling the skirt up higher or wear it as a dress

Black and white generally look good on any sized figure, but one should know how to wear them

As an added benefit, look for a skirt or pants that already combine black and white

This way some of the work has already been done for you.

I'm no pattern mixing expert and have only felt comfortable doing it with black and white

You can either do one very large pattern with one very small pattern, 
like a color-blocked shirt with a paisley or polka dotted skirt

Or - and this is the one I happen to prefer - you can pair two similarly sized patterns, one with a white background and one with black. 

Bright colors like red, yellow, sea green and orange always look very sexy with this combination

Have you heard of three color dressing?
It's where you try to wear no more than three colors per outfit
 Because black and white are technically shades, you can be more flexible about how you integrate these into your outfits.
i.e you can wear four colors if one of them is black or white

Check out my dog Lily in the lower left hand corner. She and my other Yorkie, Lola, sit quietly and watch me run back and forth taking these photos on self timer. They probably think I'm crazy as I literally have to jump over my bed in 10 seconds to get the shot. I pretty much have to crop at least one of them out of every photo. Next up, a remote control!

I got this little number at Cache, a few years ago. 
Very comfortable but usually worn with a jacket or shawl

Black gives a slimming effect so it should be worn in areas where you want to look slim. If you have a heavier bottom you can wear white on top and black at bottom. This keeps the attention away from your problem area. If you have a smaller chest, wear black top with snowy patterns, such as floral or geometric. This will be helpful in creating an illusion of fuller body.

The only rule is...there are NO rules -- and anyway, rules are made to be broken.  So I say, just do what you want as long as you're happy and feel comfortable!

If you missed my remix combo#1 you can see it here

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  1. I love that top with the black skirt and your three color dressing look great in everything though!

  2. Thanks Pam. I have a lot of those blouses in a gazillion colors. I also wear them with suits. My favorite thing is the color. Love to leave them standing up. haha