Friday, January 9, 2015

Let's call this one Marsala! My hats a wrap

It's a wrap!

It's finally Friday and I've exhausted all the decent hat photos we took last week. I'm pretty proud of myself though because in the beginning the plan was just to take a couple of pictures of myself wearing a few of my hats and it turned into something completely different.  
I changed direction!

I'm back
Today I end the "my hats" segment with pictures of the regular me, hair up and pulled back but remembering that there is still a young, and sexy side of me right underneath that hat!!

You can leave your hat on
Joe Cocker 1986

My classic oldie jam pick this week is
in memory of Joe Cocker who passed away on Dec 22
A great singer and musician with a voice like no other
He will be missed

This song was used frequently in one of our class routines when I was an instructor
(dancing in a man's oversized shirt - lots of fun!) 
But I digress..

Here's Miss Lily

I've mentioned before that my girls are always around when I do my photo shoots. 
They are also getting much more used to the camera and you will find them peeking around the corner or hanging out on the fringes just out of camera range
 I'm able to catch one of them for a quick photo.

As for the color of my hat
Let's call this one "Marsala" 
(even if it isn't)

I have this hat in 5 colors. It's been my go to hat

The jacket is one I've had for a number of years - I bought it at Bryn Walker

Sporting a pair of my moto jogging pants from the Gap
I also bought another pair of Tom's. Black ones this time.
They aren't the longest lasting shoe, but I do like their "one for one" philosophy
And it was nice that they were on sale at Whole Foods over the holiday for $48
instead of the usual $60+

Well, as you can see, things don't always go as planned on my photo shoots!

Well almost!

Whatever you have planned (or don't).  Hope you enjoy your weekend!!

if you missed any of my other 4 posts this week featuring 
"my hats"
no problem -- to see them
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