Monday, May 4, 2015

Bring on the birthday fashions!

"What time is it?"

It's my birthday (fashion) week. 

In a few short days, on May 8th I will officially become a "senior citizen"
Somehow 50 and 60 can slip by unnoticed, but the 65th is a birthday you will not be able to ignore. The government will make sure of that.
Don't forget to sign up for Medicare (3 months prior to your 65th birthday) 

Do I have any regrets? 
I guess maybe I have a few, but honestly I've pretty much made decisions throughout my life that have led me to this point and there isn't a time in my past that I would want to live over. 
There have been plenty of good times and bad times but I'm happy where I landed. 

"What has been my biggest lesson so far?"
Not to take things so seriously.
I laugh when I think back on my high school days and how I put so much weight on
whether I had a date, or if someone didn't like me or heaven forbid I got a C in class. 
It all seems so silly now, but you have to live each chapter in order to grow. 

Looks like I have good company on this birthday -  the Volkswagen bus aka Volkswagen Transporter entered into production on March 8, 1950 and remains in production today. 
As a matter of fact,  it started it's sixth generation on it's 65th birthday!
Happy Bday to the V-dub bus!

Ok, so now on with the fashions for today
I mentioned that I didn't buy that hot little number from Molly b that I modeled for you the other day
Instead I got several other outfits.  Three of which are from Molly b.
This one is the Shanti shirtdress by Mata Traders (fair trade fashions)
Shop Fair Trade Fashion at Mata Traders and help transform communities 
by giving women economic power and viable working skills.

I usually don't buy anything on my birthday that I can wear to work and although I may wear this one (with a sweater or jacket) when I purchased it I was thinking more about the ability to wear it in Costa Rica. I have begun concentrating more on sleeveless, casual clothing, something I have not paid any attention to while living here in the Bay Area.

FACT: There will be about 72 million people age 65 and older by 2030.  
Older adults will account for roughly 20% of the U.S. population

Stop back by for more of my birthday fashions and help me celebrate my 65th birthday!
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  1. love the versatility of the dress! good choice!

  2. Thanks Shelly and I saw it online in another color so maybe I will order another one. It's very simple and easy to wear